Hi everybody!

Well, here I am in the blogosphere – after the end of the world has supposedly begun! I can prove that things are going to get worse here – the sun is SHINING! In GALWAY!!!! :O :p

While one person in the States was claiming that “the Rapture” was coming and that we had all better submit ourselves to god, blah blah blah, Elizabeth II finished her state visit to Ireland. Frankly, I didn’t pay much attention to either, as I was moving into the flat and sorting out the Internet connection, but the so-called Rapture didn’t occur – what a surprise (not)! As for the state visit, there were some protests from Sinn Fein and their crowd, but nothing particularly bad; far more people genuinely welcomed her, which is good – I can’t imagine that happening during The Troubles.
And of course, Obama is on a state visit too. Again, I’m not particularly interested – he’s just another politician as far as I’m concerned. However, if anyone wants to read up on it, The Irish Times has a Live Blog here.

Anyway, if anyone wants to comment on any of this, feel free.


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I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

One response to “Hi everybody!”

  1. Sebastian Stock says :

    Hi Philip,good to find you here…although I,would never start a blog 😉 i just enjoy reading them and commenting ;p
    So “the Rapture” did not pass all too unscathingly on some parts of the world though ;S…take poor Iceland with their Grímsvötn eruption (their 2nd major one in under 1 year it seems,with a 20km high column!!!) which started at 17:30 UTC on the 21st May. Although this bodes badly for flight travel out or into Iceland for the moment,this is not the end of any world! 😉

    Dear Philip,a Sinn Fein mayor,can’t remember which town now,actually shook hands with said woman,Elizabeth the 2nd,but yeah lots of hardline socialists,nationalists & certain others did NOT like to see her coming for obvious and personal reasons (one of my friends is half-Pakistani,half-Irish and hates the “bitch” for what has been down to both countries…but,leaving the past behind us…),i wouldn’t mind it personally if she had come on the cheapest Ryanair flight and driven the most banged up car with 1 Garda that the state could find for her,then she has the right to travel freely like anybody,not using up the precious little financial wealth the state has left for something like this… :/

    Actually Obama was doing a 4-hour “zwischenstop” (betweener) on his Eastwards i think…laughable stuff! 🙂

    Well,nice blogging so far,keep it up & good luck! 😀

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