WTF is wrong with some people!?!

WARNING: This is a bit of a rant.

For nearly two years, I’ve been taking part on a web forum dedicated to busting myths – the official forum for MythBusters on the Discovery Channel Website. And the sheer stupidity and lack of critical thinking that shows up there is just unbelievable at times. A topic comes up that some basic knowledge of science and critical thought will tell you is rubbish, and even after they test it, some complete idiots come up and insist they tested it incorrectly.

A case in point would be Running On Water: a viral ad for some “high-tech” running shoes. How do they do this? By running on a clear plastic plank and carefully using camera angles. In fact, Adam Savage admitted that they knew it was faked BEFORE they even tested it.
Despite this, some complete fucking idiots have shown up on the boards insisting it was done incorrectly. They gave reasons such as:
“They need a much shorter, lighter person with big feet”
“When they were right at the edge of the water they basically ‘jumped’ into the water”
“I think the water they ran on had less salinity than the water from the video”
“Watch the video again – they take smaller steps as they get closer to the water and lower their centre of gravity”.

For fucks’ sake: what is wrong with some people? Even after it was revealed as a viral ad, they still believe it’s possible. In a strange coincidence, UrbanDictionary’s Word Of The Day for today is “reality challenged”. It doesn’t go far enough, I think!


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I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

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