No resits!

Just got my results, and I passed EVERYTHING! Even Electronic Systems and Signals – I got 40% in that thanks to the labs.
German got 70% – no surprise there!
Methods of Mathematical Physics got 44.5% [(42 + 47)/2] – could have gone better, but at least I passed.
Wave Optics: 67%
Nuclear & Plasma Physics: 54%
Thermal Physics and Materials: 45%
Computational Physics: 65%
Quantum Physics: 55%

I’m a little surprised about Computational Physics being lower than Wave Optics: one of the reasons I passed Wave Optics was because I was wearing Polaroid sunglasses while hiking one day, and I happened to see Kylemore Lough at just the right angle for my glasses to filter the reflected sunlight in one direction, but not the other – so that’s how I understand polarisation, and it just happened to come up in the exam. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going for a pint now.


About Philip

I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

2 responses to “No resits!”

  1. Sebastian Stock says :

    Well Done Phil,
    that’s great achievement of you,so you are back in Italy without a doubt in your mind and dont have to come over again! ;P
    Also no resits for me:
    Sediments and the Biosphere 2 (1st semester) was 50%
    German (predictably!) a good solid 83%
    Zoology (Evolutionary & Developmental 75%…but Principles of Animal Ecology a disappointing 56%) brought to 65.5% which i’m not chuffed about :/
    …And Principles of Toxicology,which really pulled me down, at 48% (oh well better than just 40% which it looked like from Sem1 provisional marks!)

    That was my line-up :s

    Take care my friend,hope your summer work is interesting! 🙂

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