Back in from Europa Park

I had a GREAT time in Europa Park yesterday.

We got in just after nine, and quickly hopped on the monorail EuropaPark Express over to the Spain-themed area. We then went on the Austrian-themed log flume (Tiroler Wildwasserbahn) and the Alpenexpress. Right after that, we went on the Scandiavian-themed “Windjammer”, a swinging ship that looked more like a Middle-Ages caravel that a Viking longboat to me. Anyway, I actually felt slightly sick on that – maybe it was too soon after breakfast, or also because you feel “weightless” for a brief second at the top of each swing.
Well, after that, we went on the “Fjord Rafting”, and we obviously got wet – thankfully, Olwen’s camera and our phones did not!
Ol and Hugh then decided to go on the Euro-Mir roller-coaster, but I decided not to – a pity, because they both said later it looked worse than it really was. So while waiting for them, I had a look through a life-sized model of the Mir space-station. I took some photos, but they’re stuck on my phone which refuses to connect to my computer – it charges, but nothing else happens. Maybe tomorrow. *shrugs*

We also went on the Swiss Bobsleighs and the Matterhorn Blitz – the latter really wasn’t worth the 35-minute queue. The best ride, however, was undoubtedly Poseidon in the Greece-themed part. This is a combination roller-coaster and water ride that lasts 5 minutes, which is relatively long. It was undergoing maintenance earlier, but when we came back later it was open again – no prizes for guessing what we did there. Well worth it if you ever go! Another Greek-themed ride we went on was Pegasus – which was good APART from the overly epic music.

So, the list of rides I’d recommend are:
Fjord Rafting
Tiroler Wildwasserbahn
Swiss Bobsleighs (at least, early on – once the queues get long, it might not be worth it)
Pegasus (if you can tolerate overly epic music)

If you go there, feel free to try anything I haven’t mentioned.


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I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

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