When Ireland thumbs it’s nose…

If it wasn’t clear where the Vatican stands on any legal matters, then this remark from the Pope should make it clear:

Standards of conduct appropriate to civil society or the workings of a democracy cannot be purely and simply applied to the church.

In other words, “Secular laws do not apply to us.”

Our Taoiseach made a speech about this, it’s availablehere. He’s a practising Catholic, and for him to stand up and say all that, they must have finally gone too far (which they had already). It is not just a few bad apples – the institution as a whole is to blame.

This is not to say that ALL the members of the church are evil – far from it. But the upper levels of the hierarchy have only acted to cover their arses and protect the church. An example is this line:

opening up these cases to secular authorities “risked contravening canonical law”


NOBODY is above the law, or should be – but heads of religion seem to think they are.


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