Dutch reforming Christianity

Some members of the Dutch Protestant Church are rethinking Christianity. The reason for this is that they believe it needs to change to reflect modern society – which includes the fact that 1/6 of their clergy are agnostics or atheists!

I wonder how this will affect their numbers. One of the reasons people leave religion, if they ever belong to it in the first place, is possibly because it is too conservative. The conservatives, of course, accuse the reformers of “changing the message” – isn’t that the whole POINT of what they’re doing? And if they DON’T change, they will become even less relevant to modern society.

Of course, a lot of religious conservatives would like to see the clock wound back to whatever time suits them or their worldview. In some cases, this means going back 2000 years, if not more, and throwing out any progress that gets in the way – medicine, women’s rights, gay rights and ANYTHING that is not specifically allowed by the Bible/Quran/Torah/whatever.


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