Mabus/Markuze has been arrested!

For those who don’t frequent blogs dedicated to scepticism and critical thought, David Mabus is a Canadian who has spent almost 15 years spamming said forums and blogs with rubbish and threats against atheists and secularists. A good history of his campaign is available here.

I have not had the “pleasure” of meeting him, on the Web or even face-to-face – unlike most of the fundamentalist trolls on the net, he will actually travel to atheist/skeptic conferences and rant at people, which is bad enough – but PZ Myers has been receiving death threats from this guy since at least 1995. In fact, in September 2009, PZ gathered ALL the threats made over ONE evening, printed them and brought them to the police. Even in small print, it was 61 pages long. This guy REALLY needs a psychiatric examination, and it took a Twitter campaign for him to be arrested after threatening people for over 15 years!

Any of his posts can be summed up by this satirical post by Crispian Jago. Many of the comments there, on both Phargyngulas (Scienceblogs and Freethoughblogs) and elsewhere, express pity for him and hope he gets mental health treatment. I agree whole-heartedly – somebody who makes comments like that NEEDS it.


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