Higgs boson might not have been found yet

The hints that the Higgs boson might be found have become fainter, which has raised the possibility that it might not exist. The evidence found so far is apparently 95% certain that it exists, but for it to be a scientific certainty, it needs to be 99.99994% certain; however, there is a possibility it was found but overlooked.

The Higgs boson is supposed to explain why any particle that has a mass does have a mass. Even if it doesn’t exist, it isn’t the end of the world. Along with the graviton, the particle that has been proposed to carry gravity, the Higgs boson is needed to complete the Standard Model of particle physics. With these two exceptions, the Standard Model has been quite successful. Perhaps an analogy can be drawn between it and Newton’s Law of Gravity: it’s technically incorrect for a physicist to use Newton’s Law instead of general relativity, but in non-extreme cases it gets the same result.

Whatever happens, the words “interesting times” come to mind.


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