The cult of free energy

After browsing through yet another post on the Web claiming that free energy or perpetual motion machines are possible, in spite of the fact that they violate the laws of thermodynamics, I’ve come to the conclusion that the nuts who believe in it are just like religious fundamentalists, especially those who believe in Idiotic Intelligent Design.

Both contradict some very well-established laws and theories*, neither have ANY evidence to back them up, and the proponents of both refuse to consider the fact that they are wrong. Both have also used filthy tricks – the creators of PM machines often sell the PLANS (so they can claim “You built it incorrectly”), and see the Dover trial for the IDiots. And finally, both rely on ignorance of physics and biology, respectively, to gain followers.

*The free energy nuts often say that the laws of thermodynamics “are just theories”, just like the IDiots say “Evolution is just a theory”. Wrong! In science, a theory has a mechanism and evidence to back it up. Laws, by comparison, are determined purely by experience, but a mechanism isn’t available (yet).


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