Facebook to be under investigation in Ireland

The Data Protection Commissioner is going to perform an audit on Facebook after complaints about them mining people’s data. Those complaints aren’t new, and they won’t surprise many – which includes me. However, what IS shocking is that when Max Schrems filed a request for ALL the data Facebook held about him, it was 1222 pages long! And some of it was stuff he’d deleted.

If true, that’s just wrong. It reminds me of an old poem I wrote:

A haven of stalkers and a target for scammers
No real use, but a great help to spammers
Photos of idiocy put up for all to see
And most important of all is ME!

What a good way to waste
Your valuable time in such poor taste
“Privacy? Why do you want that?
It’s something on which we’ve always shat.”

Ads that are as useful as pus
(Unless you have Firefox and Adblocker Plus)
The Friend Finder is the best thing yet –
Only shows people you’ve never met.

“I want to leave!” “Why’d you do that?
Facebook is great, you complete idiat!
Try if you wish, but you will certainly fail
To ignore our emotional blackmail.”

Our security is second to none
Because we believe selling data is fun.
Hacked, hated and now getting mocked,
I think Farcebook’s as bad as Microsoft!


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