Gaddaffi is dead

So, Gaddaffi/Khadaffi is dead? Looking at his track record, the only thing I can say is “Good riddance”.

Of course, the big question: What next? I personally hope that Libya is rebuilt as quickly as possible, and that the old joke about revolutions (so-called because they just go round and round and nothing changes) don’t happen. Not being an expert on North Africa – sod that, I’m just a random physics student who doesn’t even know Dublin that well! – I have no idea what’s going to happen next. Any idea, anyone?


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3 responses to “Gaddaffi is dead”

  1. Rachel B. says :

    Being two weeks into a course in Applied Human Rights in York, this a big topic of conversation both in and outside the classroom.
    I personally found the video which was shown on the news and circulated online extremely distrubing – as it was essentially illustrating a lynch mob. And while I can accomodate the anger they must feel after over 40 years of despotism, the dawn of the new Libya was meant to involve a move away from mercilessness, and I would have liked to have seen Gaddaffi tried under international law – shamed in front of the world for the atrocities he had committed. His victims will now never get the answers they wanted in a courtroom.

    However, you’ve underlined the most important question: what is next for Libya? As Ban Ki Moon has said, it is only the end of the beginning.

    • Philip says :

      Yeah, I’d have preferred to see him standing trial as well. According to the Beeb, the commander of the forces that captured him drove him to a field hospital, but he was dead by the time he got there.

      • Rachel B. says :

        You might be interested in this video (the man speaking will be giving a lecture on Libya to my class in December).

        An intelligent attempt to shed some light on the matter.

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