Final Year Project

The list of topics for the dreaded Final Year Project has come out! Oh noes! PANIC!
*Tries to run in every direction at once, and promptly passes out*

Anyway, I’ve already found a list of three I’m potentially interested in. One is measuring ice nuclei out at Mace Head. Ice nuclei are particles that allow water to freeze on their surface, allowing ice to form more easily than if pure water were to freeze in the air. This is a research project, probably a good idea if I want to do a postgraduate course.

Another involves trying to find a successor to the programming labs we had last year in computational physics. This year, they’ve got about 80 people doing the course between physics and maths students, and while the system we have has about 64GB of RAM, that just isn’t enough and the system is running slow. Unlike the previous one, this is more a problem that needs to be solved.

The third possibility is somewhere in between. It is a computational project, but it involves comparing signals to each other to see if they are correlated. This could, according to the description I have, be applied to data consisting of ultra-violet or gamma-ray observations of a supermassive black hole in the centre of a galaxy (such as the Milky Way).

Anyway, that’s what I might be doing next semester, unless I find something else altogether.


About Philip

I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

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