Update on the OPERA results.

Back when the OPERA experiment first announced they had observed neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light in a vacumn, Professor Jim Al-Khalili said that if they turn out to be right, he would eat his underwear. He isn’t going to do that just yet, at least until the results are independently verified. However, he must be thinking “Me and my big mouth”, so Crispian Jago created a list of tasty boxer short recipes. Bon appetit!

One of the reasons that most physicists are still sceptical about this is that there should be radiation coming from the neutrino interactions as they lose energy, but that wasn’t detected. Another thing to bear in mind is the tiny discrepancy in the velocities: about 0.0025% of the speed of light, which is almost negligible, or it would be if it was that much slower.

Either way, watch this space!


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