Last resort of cranks: threaten the skeptics

Ever heard of the “Burzynski” Clinic? It’s run by a guy named Stanislaw Burzynski, who claims he has found a wonderful new cure for ANY form of cancer – which is a red flag all by itself, even before you read this page from Cancer Research UK – but several sceptic-related sites have recently come under fire from somebody claiming to represent them.

One of the sceptics is 17-year old Rhys Morgan in Wales. The lad has decided to bring it onto the Internet – brave move to some bastard threatening to sue you.

Andy Lewis at The Quackometer reports that his family was being threatened by one “Marc Stephens”, who is acting like an almost comically bad lawyer. Just read the letters, and you’ll see why this is so laughable – until you read this line:

Be smart and considerate for your family and new child, and shut the article down..Immediately

Such bravery, threatening a man’s family. [/sarcasm]

As always, Orac has a great background piece on the whole story.

If anyone reads this and has their own blog, please link to Rhys’ page – he needs the support.


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2 responses to “Last resort of cranks: threaten the skeptics”

  1. Sebastian Stock says :

    Great Streisand Effect!!! 😉 just been reading all about this topic,thanks for the info man 🙂

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