Happy Birthday, Stephen Hawking

I honestly don’t know how he’s done it: Stephen Hawking is 70 years old. He’s been completely paralysed since the 1970s, and unable to speak since 1985. And yet, he has still managed to become one of the best-known physicists and develop some of the most advanced areas of theoretical physics…and he has a sense of humour – apparently, he had his (American-accented) voice synthesiser reprogrammed to answer “No, but I’m often mistaken for that man” during random encounters where people ask him if he is Stephen Hawking.

One of the best books I’ve ever read is The Universe In A Nutshell. It gives a pretty clear explanation of the more advanced areas of physics, such as relativity, quantum mechanics and string theory, without going into too much maths. It’s well worth a read.

Here’s to Stephen Hawking – may he keep working for a few years longer.


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