So, ET can violate the laws of physics?

This is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen, and it inspired me to make this as a public service. In a thread about “zero point generators” (calling them horseshit is an insult to fertiliser), somebody said this gem:

ET doesn’t seem to have any problem getting these things working so why can’t we?

Why are “zero point generators” complete shite? Here’s why: the zero point energy of a system is the lowest energy state, the one that a system will tend towards, and you cannot extract energy from it. Anyone who claims they can does not understand physics or is lying through their teeth. Put it like this: the energy states of the system are like shelves in a very large tank, and the zero point state is the bottom of the bucket. To get the water out of the bucket, you have to remove it yourself, i.e. put energy into the system.
The reason the zero point energy exists is to prevent Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle from being violated. If the energy of a system – say a particle in a 1-dimensional well – were to equal zero, then it would have no momentum and its position could be precisely determined, violating the HUP.

And to claim that aliens are capable of doing this at will…for starters, we haven’t any evidence that aliens exist. Now, we don’t have any evidence that they don’t exist, and I’d be pretty surprised if we really did turn out to be alone in the universe, but that is not how science works. The burden of proof is on the person who makes the claim.


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3 responses to “So, ET can violate the laws of physics?”

  1. righttobelieve says :

    The real question here is why do people put real life rules to fantasy? Does this person believe that ET is real? Or not someone dressed up like an alien and was able to do all of those things just because? People show their stupidity, not by asking ignorant questions, but by thinking that fantasy and real life even have the same physics. That’s like saying “Superman can fly, but why can’t I figure out how to do that?” Because you don’t have a cape, my friend. Because you don’t have a cape. 😛

    • righttobelieve says :

      Note: I just had a blonde moment….. my post is still valid but if you can’t tell what my mistake was then your worse then I am.

    • Philip says :

      With some people, it’s just that they don’t understand the physics. Some just refuse to understand.

      Actually, looking at that person’s posts, I’m beginning to wonder if I wasn’t baited by a troll. There was another gem posted somewhere on a thread about dowsing: they said they weren’t going to prove it to James Randi because they weren’t interested in the money; but when somebody else suggested that they do it just to prove it was possible, they replied “Give me all the gold in Fort Knox first and then we’ll talk.”

      Oh well…to paraphrase Woody Allen, if my post stops one person from losing their money by investing in one of these things, then I’ve done my job. 🙂

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