Wikipedia against SOPA

Wikipedia has announced it is joining a web blackout in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act being debated over in the States. I don’t know about the second of the two, but the first is not good news.

Put it like this: in the past, sites like the BBC have linked to pirate sites like The Pirate Bay in order to cover both sides. Because this legislation is quite vague, a lawyer in the States could decide that, in their desire to inform, they are breaking the law and order them to stop. And that could be used to potentially stop other sites or people, such as myself or another blogger, from linking to a site that has been deemed “illegal”. How far are they from resembling China or North Korea yet?
And you know what? Somebody will find a way around it and make this completely ineffective.

Interestingly enough, Rupert Murdoch supports the legislation, which makes me very suspicious – just look at how newspapers he owns treat people’s privacy. Anyone else agree?

UPDATE: I found this page on how China did something very similar to what this new legislation would involve. And it turns out that the other act, PIPA, is practically the same but masquerading as a “compromise”. Jason Thibeault at Lousy Canuck has a full take on it. Yes, he’s Canadian. But so what? This would affect a large part of the Web, if not the whole of it.


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