Antivaccine tactics

Orac of Respectful Insolence has a list of the antivaccination nutters’ tactics and tropes. If you want to argue with that lot, that’s all you need. I’m going to quote just one example here:

“I’m not antivaccine; I’m pro-safe vaccines.” Yes, indeed. This one is the biggest, baddest, most irritating trope of all, repeated by everyone from Jenny McCarthy to J.B. Handley to Barbara Loe Fisher. A variant of this is to liken vaccines to cars and say that “I’m not ‘anti-car,’ I just want safer cars.” Not a good analogy. A better equivalent would be if they demanded absolute safety of cars and refused to use them unless GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, et al swear that they’ll never be injured in a car crash.

Well said, Orac. I really wish they’d shut up about it – they have zero evidence to support their position, except for one study that couldn’t independently verified, was riddled with fraudulent data and was retracted. Only the real nutters – oh sorry, the elite true believers – are left in that camp, and I hope it doesn’t last much longer.


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