About ACTA

There’s going to be a bunch of protests around the world against ACTA on Saturday. And there’s a petition online – so what are you waiting for? I can’t get up to Dublin to attend, but I’m going to be there in spirit, and by posting this here I might be able to help.

If you haven’t heard, ACTA is another version of SOPA, which got it’s arse kicked. What makes this worse is that it’s being negotiated behind closed doors, not out in the open; in fact, you may have heard one of the negotiators resigned in disgust over the lack of accountability over it (source: BBC). As a wanna-be indie game developer, I am entirely against this.

Finally, there’s also the problem that it doesn’t fucking work. Shutting down Napster didn’t stop piracy, nor did shutting down the Pirate Bay. And the games industry isn’t suffering from it either: it was worth 65 billion US dollars in 2011. The Business Software Alliance claimed that piracy cost the industry about $51 billion in 2009 – but they have made up data in the past. I mean, come on: claiming you have a survey where you didn’t survey anyone? That’s pretty dirty.


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