I am a test subject (Part 2)

So, I’ve been to the Applied Optics experiment, and there were two parts to it.

The first part lasted about 10-15 minutes, and I had to rest my head against something while Conor [one of the experimenters] shone a light into my eye. For each shot, I was focussing on the centre of a set of crosshairs (for lack of a better description), while a red light, green light and then blue light were shone into the retina, a built-in camera photographing the retina.

The whole point of this apparatus is to replace the previous method, which is much more subjective, and which I used in the second part. You’re given an eye-patch and told to focus the other eye into the eyepiece of the instrument. There’s an adjustable knob to one side of the device, and you have to find where the circle on the screen stops flickering.

Either way, it does strain your eye a little bit. But it does help them determine the amount of the macular pigment in the retina, which could lead to early detection and then possibly cures for age-related macular degeneration. Worth doing, I think.


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