Anyone for an artificial hamburger?

Dutch scientists have grown muscle tissue from stem cells, and are planning to develop an artificial hamburger later this year.

I personally prefer my meat free-range, or as close as is achievable, and the cost of producing this burger – £200,000 – is a little extortionate! However, according to the article, most food scientists believe current food production methods aren’t sustainable and it will have to double within the next 50 years; if so, we’ll need to find more efficient ways of producing it. This might be a way, and as proof of concepts go, it’s not that expensive. Just compare it to ITER, which has cost nearly €16 billion and still hasn’t quite created sustainable fusion.

Of course, somebody IS going to ask me why I don’t become a vegetarian. Ignoring the fact that my mum’s family are butchers – and hence I’d probably be disowned if I did that – I actually like the taste of meat! Just as long as it isn’t Soylent Green, or stuff from battery farms or the like.


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