Happy atheists

Via Pharyngula: a photographer is collecting photos of atheists who aren’t miserable (which is most of us, certain bullshit prejudice to the contrary) to show how diverse we are and what brings joy to our lives. If you’re interested, the project is here.

The only thing atheists agree upon is that we don’t believe in any gods. That’s it. One atheist may not like another’s hobby, just like with other people; the reason for this is that – GASP – we’re human!?!? And all this while I wondered why I don’t look like a robot.

Now, as for what makes me (and just me – I don’t know about anyone else) happy: I’ve listed a few hobbies on my “About” page, but here they are anyway.

Writing science fiction. I love creating other worlds where I can explore human nature and how we’d react to a situation. This is in part because I have Aspgerger’s and don’t always understand humans – I’ve joked in the past about being from another planet as a result of this – but also because I try to apply what I’ve learned in physics. I actually like trying to get things correct, and I haven’t got the ability to teach people face-to-face, so writing can be a good way to do this.
Hiking. Admittedly, I often ask myself what the hell I’m doing up an untracked, bog-riddled mountain in Galway/Mayo, but it is so satisfying when you’ve finished, and if the weather cooperates (which does happen, even in Ireland!), the views compensate for it. Other benefits include the exercise (obviously) and the ability to learn useful skills like cross-country navigation.
Photography. This follows on from the hiking, or even just a walk around town. Getting a good photo is quite satisfying, especially if you can compensate for lighting conditions and capture a scene from an interesting angle. I’ll grant that you can’t get perfect images, but you can get close, and learning how to improve on them is educational in itself. And if you take a beautiful photo, like this randomly-selected aurora photo I found on flick, that is one of the most wonderful things you can do.

I’ll probably think of some more stuff to add later.


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