Hibernia college doesn’t like atheists

My jaw dropped when I read this. Seriously, Hibernia College was claiming in course notes that:

“What bothers very few of its latter-day exponents is the fact that atheist humanism produced the worst horrors history has ever witnessed, namely Nazism, Fascism and Marxism…”

Complete and utter bullshit. Hitler was NOT an atheist, in fact he regarded himself as doing a god’s work. The Fascist regimes of Franco’s Spain and in South America were supported by the Catholic Church. As for the Soviet Union and other Marxist regimes, they were totalitarian regimes which replaced the church with the state and/or personality cults – something I happen to disagree with, in part because I’m just a little irreverent about authority. The College also had

a mock examination where the student is expected to answer that it is “True” that “Atheist humanism produced the worst horrors history has ever witnessed.”

So basically the Crusades were the work of atheists and secular humanists? The Inquisition wasn’t a part of the church? And I suppose that Iran, with it’s excellent human rights record, is a secular country.

Now, replace “atheist humanism” in those notes or that exam with another religion – Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Wiccanism, etc. – and there WOULD be an outrage in the media. But because we don’t believe in a god or gods, we’re apparently acceptable targets? And then the religious ask atheists why some of us get so “angry”. If anyone wonders that…just sit down and think about it, hmmm?


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