Petition against ACTA

Sign the petition so we can make the European Commission discuss ACTA in the open!


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I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

2 responses to “Petition against ACTA”

  1. taylormhaines says :

    I’d like more information about this, I’ve never heard of this before. (From America) Please send me any info possible, Thanks!

    • Philip says :

      Sure, not a problem.

      ACTA stands for “Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement”. It’s proponents – which include record and games companies – claim it will help prevent digital piracy. However, it’s been negotiated behind closed doors – which caused one of the negotiators to resign, and legislation like this just doesn’t work.

      Among other things, it would make sites like Youtube, which depend on user-generated content, even more liable for their users’ content. For instance, a video like Trolling Saruman could quite easily be judged to be violating a copyright – when it’s a fan-made parody and I suspect they aren’t making any money from it.

      Finally, there’s at least five reasons why this is scarier than SOPA, which I’m reasonably sure you’ve heard of – after all, it got it’s arse kicked. 🙂

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