I’m back!

I’ve been rather naughty and neglected this recently…so sorry.

Long and short is I fucked up on the project. Being stubborn, I didn’t ask for help with the project when I got stuck. Here’s how:

I was supposed to deconvolve images created from data from the Fermi telescope. However, the Point Spread Functions I used were wrong: after only a few iterations, they were starting to break up and lose information, and the background noise was being amplified and starting to swamp the images. Some of the PSFs were off-centre, mainly because these ones were actually maps of the Vela pulsar, and the resulting images were oval-shaped.

Being the donkey I am, I didn’t ask for help and so I didn’t actually manage to analyse the images I’d created to see if their resolution had improved or not.

However, the presentation on the results today went better than I expected. Maybe I haven’t done as bad as I thought! However, I’ve been busy trying to get the presentation sorted and continue with the report. Well, just one part left to do.


About Philip

I'm a physics graduate, sci-fi writer, budding game designer, and amateur human.

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