Oh, it’s Easter

Oh, so it’s Easter Sunday. I’d be sitting outside getting some sun if the wind wasn’t a nuisance, but there’s some great views from my bedroom window of Lago di Varese. But instead of boring myself stiff in a church listening to somebody waffle on about some zombie or other, I’ve had a lovely fry-up (including some potato cakes I made yesterday), and done some extra revision for the exams. A tad more productive, I’d say!

To be honest, I’ve never really seen Easter as anything but time off school – and in recent years as exam revision time. The whole supernatural aspect makes no sense to me at all, especially Jesus “rising from the dead”. You know what geeks call that, and how they deal with it? It’s a zombie, and all too many geeks have pages-long lists of plans for something they want to happen.

What really, really annoys me – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this – is that it changes all the time! According to a friend of mine (Aengus Finnegan, a Gaeilgeoir who was doing a PhD in Irish place names) the issue has been going on for nearly 1600 years: some of the written records in Irish dating from back then concern arguments between Rome and the Irish church on when Easter should be, and between both parties and a splinter group that did it differently. If it’s been going on for that long, then it won’t be solved any time soon, which is a bit of a nuisance.
Finally, I just don’t see any difference between the Easter Bunny and the whole resurrection thing in terms of reality. They’re both fictional – only the Bunny actually gives you nice things 🙂

UPDATE: I found this image on Pharyngula. I think it’s pretty funny.



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