Breivik requests an acquittal?!?!

Anders Breivik, the man who bombed government buildings in Oslo and killed a total of 77 people last summer, has urged the jury to acquit him.

Breivik said he would do it all again and asked to be acquitted.

Although he admits the bombing and attack on a youth camp, he has pleaded not guilty to terror and mass murder.

“These acts are based on goodness, not evil,” he said, adding that he had toned down his rhetoric out of concern for the victims.

What the fuck?

On Monday, prosecutors played harrowing recordings of the events and described the fate of each victim in detail.

Throughout the evidence, Breivik remained emotionless, although he shed tears when the court played a 12-minute anti-Islam video which he had posted online on the day of the carnage.

I’m not a lawyer or a psychologist/psychiatrist, but this doesn’t sound like the work of a man who is legally insane to me. It sounds like a sociopath – somebody with no empathy at all. And he thought this was “for the good of Norwegian society”?

There is, perhaps, one silver lining to the whole affair: he’s given himself and his cause a lot of bad publicity. I personally admire the Norwegian government’s response just after the attacks: to use more democracy, not less. Some countries could take a lesson from that.


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