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If Rage Comics took place in meatspace/real life

Created by the very talented PistolShrimps (who made Trolling Saruman): what Rage Comics would look like in real life.


I am now a physicist!

I have the provisional results for my final year and my degree as well – I now hold a 2.1 Honours degree in Experimental Physics! Which means I am now (un)officially a physicist!

I don’t have the results breakdown yet and the graduation ceremony isn’t until October, but I now have a place on the M.Sc. in Software Design and Development I applied for – so, I have at least two more years in Galway to look forward to. But for now, I’m just going to take it easy and listen to a new CD I bought earlier today: 40 years of film music by John Williams, including the themes for the Indiana Jones and Star Wars films.

U mad?

Bleach does NOT “cure” autism!!

I found this via Orac at Respectful Insolence: using “Miracle Mineral Solution” (MMS) as a “cure” for autism. Which is, quite simply, industrial strength bleach, as covered by Rhys Morgan during Bleachgate.

Okay, stay calm…no.


What sort of arsehole do you have to be to feed a child bleach in order to “cure” them something that is not even a disease? Or even worse, giving them an enema from this shite? How does this not count as child abuse?

The impression I’ve developed of the “cure autism” crowd is that they think they’re broken, brain-dead and not entirely human – having Asperger’s, like I do, apparently doesn’t count – and therefore, harming them with industrial strength chemicals is justified, as far as they’re concerned.

Maybe I’m biased, but why should autism be “cured”? It is not a fucking disease, it is a fundamentally different wiring of the brain. Yes, it does have some negative side-effects, such as the lack of social skills, digestion and sensitivity problems, but they can be solved without actually harming the person – which is light-years better than the people who advocate this stuff.

There’s only one word for it: horrifying.

Star Wars as weather forecast

Hat-tip to my sister Olwen for forwarding this on to me: a site that compares the current weather in a location to a planet from Star Wars!

At the moment, Galway is like Yavin 4: hot and with clouds. Pieces of the Death Star may fall on my head if I go out for a walk –


The Asexual Agenda

What with Obama stating that he PERSONALLY supports homosexual marriage, this has come to mind. I hear an awful lot on the Internet about “the Homosexual Agenda”, which is what religious conservatives call the issue of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual rights. But they’re missing a far more Odious and Sinister Agenda, hidden below the radar!!!
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Pseudocode for a n00b

I’m going to start programming in C again over the holidays, along with getting some basic knowledge of Java from modding Freecol. So, just for a laugh, here’s the pseudocode for a wild noob. If anyone reads this and wants to actually create the programme, just credit me with the original idea.

define variables
int gametime, health, score, weapon_state, anger, damage //
gametime = 0
health = 100
score = 0
anger = 0
damage = 0
previous_score = 0
ragequit = 20

main loop
gametime < n; gametime++ // the gametime increases by a value of 1, up until it reaches n (the time limit)

if gametime == 0
display "Hail me plzzzzzz! LOL" //display their "battle cry" at the start of the game

if weapon_state == 1
display "ROFL I H@z WepUn!!11!"
end if

if damage =/= 0
health = health - damage // subtract the damage from their current health
anger = anger +1 // N00b gets angry
display "OMG Th@t HuRT!! Li3K OWWWW!!!"

if health = 0
anger = anger +5 //being killed pisses them off
display "HAXXXXXXXXX!!!!" //they accuse their killer of hacking
end if
end if

if score > previous_score
display "Y@y i R t3h K1nG!!!H@il Me pLzzzzz!!!" //They begin spamming about how good they are if they score a point
end if

if anger = ragequit
display "HAK0R$! I H8 U!!!!! I R L3av1Ng!!!!"
end if

end main loop

Old game/mod review: Smokin’ Guns

I downloaded and installed Smokin’ Guns earlier today, and so far I love it. It’s a Western-themed first person shooter based on the Quake 3 engine, originally released as a mod for Quake III Arena in 2001 as Western Quake 3, then in 2005 another group took over and produced Smokin’ Guns as a standalone version.

There are four different types of game available in the single player mode, listed below:
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