Pseudocode for a n00b

I’m going to start programming in C again over the holidays, along with getting some basic knowledge of Java from modding Freecol. So, just for a laugh, here’s the pseudocode for a wild noob. If anyone reads this and wants to actually create the programme, just credit me with the original idea.

define variables
int gametime, health, score, weapon_state, anger, damage //
gametime = 0
health = 100
score = 0
anger = 0
damage = 0
previous_score = 0
ragequit = 20

main loop
gametime < n; gametime++ // the gametime increases by a value of 1, up until it reaches n (the time limit)

if gametime == 0
display "Hail me plzzzzzz! LOL" //display their "battle cry" at the start of the game

if weapon_state == 1
display "ROFL I H@z WepUn!!11!"
end if

if damage =/= 0
health = health - damage // subtract the damage from their current health
anger = anger +1 // N00b gets angry
display "OMG Th@t HuRT!! Li3K OWWWW!!!"

if health = 0
anger = anger +5 //being killed pisses them off
display "HAXXXXXXXXX!!!!" //they accuse their killer of hacking
end if
end if

if score > previous_score
display "Y@y i R t3h K1nG!!!H@il Me pLzzzzz!!!" //They begin spamming about how good they are if they score a point
end if

if anger = ragequit
display "HAK0R$! I H8 U!!!!! I R L3av1Ng!!!!"
end if

end main loop


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