The Asexual Agenda

What with Obama stating that he PERSONALLY supports homosexual marriage, this has come to mind. I hear an awful lot on the Internet about “the Homosexual Agenda”, which is what religious conservatives call the issue of homosexual, bisexual and transsexual rights. But they’re missing a far more Odious and Sinister Agenda, hidden below the radar!!!

Before I discuss the Asexual Agenda, I should describe Asexuality. The wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy known as the Asexuality Visibility and Education Network defines an Asexual as “A person who does not experience sexual attraction”. Imagine that! There are People in the World who claim that a lack of sexual attraction is Natural!! And they seek to inform people of the fact!!! Do you have any idea what kind of odious Propaganda and Brainwashing that must involve? To lack attraction towards any Person is utterly unthinkable to any correctly-thinking human!

What causes this Scourge, I hear you cry indignantly? Vaccines! Not being vaccinated! Being male!! Being female!! Viruses created by Evilutionary Scientists trying to cause Human Extinction!!! Emissions from HAARP coordinated by NASA satellites controlled by Reptilians on the Moon!!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

But the Puppetmasters behind it all are…oh, the horror, the horror…


What can be done to tackle this Unholy scourge? An experimental regime of Vitamin Pills, special Magnetic DNA Repair, and fried freeze-dried Ketchup was documented by Drs. E. E. Jit and N. Oob in 2001, but it was covered up by the UN and the New World Order and their Deaths made to look like An Accident! If we do not work to Restore their Work, then all Hope is lost for the survival of Civilisation as we know it!!!!


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