The King of the Internet is dead!

By that I mean Eduard Khil AKA Mr Trololo. If you don’t know who he was, he was a Russian baritone singer who became an Internet meme in the last few years with the “Trololo” video, which showed him happily singing complete nonsense – basically, he trolled the listeners. See the video below with the “lyrics”.

Like just about anything that undergoes a memetic mutation, this started a whole bunch of similar videos such as the 10 or even 50(!) hour-long looping versions – which strikes me as a bit repetititititive – or Trolling Saruman, which I think was the best one.

I had thought of a silly level for a video game which involved him been kidnapped by a car horn named Jeremy Clacson, in front of all his trolling subjects. The trolls give chase using their troll physics, while Clacson has to deal with somebody who can’t stop trolling him. Now that he’s dead, I’m wondering if it would be poor taste or not.

TIP – Trololo In Peace!


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