Another lawsuit against Simon Singh…

…some people never learn.

Via Butterflies and Wheels, an “alternative” medicine magazine named What Doctors Don’t Tell You is suing Simon Singh for “libel”. That turned out to be an excellent decision for the British Chiropractic Association.

The Nightingale Collaboration, which basically challenges misleading health claims, has filed 26 complaints with the ASA. They think it’s a record, but when you look at the cover, it doesn’t come as a surprise that they’ve filed so many. Here’s two that stand out from the front cover.

Sunbathe your diabetes away

End your child’s wheezing [asthma] without drugs

And of course, by pointing out that this frankly makes no sense at all and is potentially misleading, Singh is now “the bully”, instead of the person suing him for libel. It’s just like the Burzynski clinic’s attempts to threaten Rhys Morgan, which was a massive backfire as well. When will the Streisand Effect actually start being taught on law courses?


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