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A Bullshite detection tool

Ahh, StumbleUpon…how I have missed thee! Thanks to SU, I found an online bullshite detector – what an excellent idea! It seems to rate the text as a decimal out of one, where 1 is complete fertiliser.

Unfortunately, when I put the text on the front page of an absurd site I put together for one of the IT courses I’m doing, it “only” came up with an index of 0.14, which is considerably less than expected for a site that “sells” racing equipment based around troll physics. The special offers got only 0.06, which either means I can’t bullshit properly, or the site’s a bit wonky…

That said, give it a try. It’s probably going to surprise you, and it might come in useful someday.


Attempted N00bery

This is a short story based around a grumpy comment I made about how some idiot should be arrested for “Attempted N00bery in a Private Web Forum”. Read More…

I have my essay marks!

I have the marks for my essay on the role of computer models and simulations in physics: 8.1 out of 10! I’m in on campus now, so I don’t have the electronic copy with me, but I’ll upload it later.

UPDATE: I originally wrote it in a scientific style for physicists, but I want to rewrite this for a general audience – so it will have to wait until the holidays. Sorry about that.

Horror Story

I wrote this a while ago. It’s the basis for a science-fiction series set in rural Galway/Mayo.

A chill wind blew like an ill omen through the man’s hair, sending a shiver down his spine as he glanced at the thickening fog. It was already too close to being pea soup, and he couldn’t tell if the sun had set or not. There was something unnatural about the fog, making the rifle in his hands feel heavier than it should have; it should have been an extension of his hands, but he was fumbling with it like a novice as he peered around constantly, his heart thumping so loudly that it must have been audible down in Galway town. Read More…

Another week, another hike

I’m out around Kylemore tomorrow, and if the weather isn’t shite I’ll take some photos and see about uploading them here. In the meantime, here’s a short story:

“Sensors indicate noobs!” Badurk yelled, his eyes wide with alarm behind the horn-rimmed glasses. That got everyone’s attention – even Friday stopped dozing in the corner and jumped to his feet, lighting up a Ghouloise, or trying to, but his hands were too unsteady. After years of running and hiding from the noobs, have they found our hiding place?
Read More…